Cheats for the Makeup Haters of the Beauty Community

Cheats for the Makeup Haters of the Beauty Community

In a makeup-centric beauty community, how do those who hate makeup get along? How do those people who want to love makeup (but suck at it) stay afloat? As one of these functioning members of the beauty society, I’m here to provide tips, tricks, and products that don’t make me hate makeup--minimalist makeup for dummies.


Possibly the scariest, most hated aspect of makeup is foundation--and the idea that it is always necessary. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Sheer tints, tinted moisturizers, and spot concealers can replace foundation for a natural look and weightless feel--and, another spoiler, you don’t have to have “perfect’ skin to make these swaps:

  • 14e Cosmetics Aloe Sheer Tint: This product is a genie in a bottle. With non-toxic, skin-loving ingredients (most notably--aloe), this sheer tint heals the skin and works to neutralize uneven skin tone and blemishes without looking or feeling like there’s anything on your face. A genuine skin savior that changed my mind about makeup, it’s also buildable if you do want extra coverage. Find this gem at for $38.

  • rms Beauty un-coverup: This concealer-to-foundation duo is another healthy alternative to traditional liquid facial coverups. Packaged in a compact tin and best applied with your fingers, it’s every makeup-impaired person’s dream. It conceals blemishes and dark spots and sinks into the skin beautifully, doesn’t clog pores, and it’s impossible to f*#k up Find this bundle of joy at for $36 (and 20% your first purchase.)

  • Glossier Stretch Concealer: Gloss-troversy aside, they hit it out of the park with this product for makeup haters. A concealer that moves with your skin (but doesn’t slip or sink) was created for the skeptics of the makeup community. Best used under dark circles and applied with fingers. Found at for $18 and 10% off.

Now the facial extras: blush, bronzer, and highlight. Though not for everyone, there are some great and easy versions of these products to tie a makeup skeptic’s look together:

  • 14e Cosmetics Cheek + Lip: As natural and easy as their sheer tint, 14e has done it again with this dual targeted product. Another liquid, buildable tint, it’s possible you won’t want to give this product up. Whether you reach for the peachy or the rosy shade, your lips and cheeks will thank you. Found again at for $32.

  • bareminerals Gen Nude Collection: A classic powder compact, this product comes in an extensive range of shades, making it suitable to be used as blush or bronzer by people of any skin tone. It’s barely there (hence, Gen “Nude”) but gives depth and warmth to facial features. Find this non-comedogenic glowing miracle at for $24.

  • Glossier Haloscope: Another product for the makeup haters and minimalists of the world. Shaped like a glue stick and filled with a dewy glow, Haloscope glides on so subtly and easily. Highlight is not for everyone, but this product will change minds. Available in three dewy shades at for $22 and 10% off.

Now, we’ve arrived at the most difficult and controversial step in the makeup lineup: eyes. If you hate makeup, or wear glasses, or don’t have a steady hand, or can’t draw a straight line, eye makeup can be terrifying. But, I’m here to tell you it gets better. There are quick, easy products that make the eyes fun:

  • Laura Mercier Caviar Shadow Stick: This was a game-changing product for me. A rounded, slim-thick stick of eyeshadow changed my whole outlook on eye makeup...mainly because all you really need to do is use your eyelid as a page from a color-by-numbers book and then blend it out with your fingers. This comes in a range of matte and shimmery shades; some are bold and can double as eyeliner, some are so neutral that they add the dimension your look needs while also being nearly invisible. For the barely there look, I recommend shade rose gold. Find this angel at for $29.

  • innisfree microcara Mascara: A tiny, tiny mascara that accentuates the lashes and makes you look more awake without any effort--and it’s sensitive-eye safe! It comes in black and brown (for every shade of lashes and every mood) and waterproof--if you’re extra lazy like me. I find mine on for as little as $7.

  • Glossier Boy Brow: THE product for fluffy, natural brows. Backcomb it for extra volume. Trust. for $16 and 10% off.

My last makeup tip for those who fall into any of the aforementioned categories: tinted lip balm. It conditions your lips (get those skincare benefits) and livens them up with a pop of color--probably the ultimate makeup-hating cheat.

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