High-End Thrifted Wardrobe Staples: My Secrets

High-End Thrifted Wardrobe Staples: My Secrets

It’s easy to get swept up in the allure of fast fashion and Instagram trends--and it’s okay, too. But there comes a time to invest in your wardrobe with classic pieces that never go out of style. Here’s the story of how I built my timeless, twisted, capsule (and mostly high-end) wardrobe almost entirely from thrift store finds, and tips for how you can do the same.

  1. The Brooding, Dark Skinny Jean: a staple for any wardrobe in any season. A dark skinny jean--whether dark blue denim or black--will pair with quite literally anything. Always. My staple brooding skinnies are a Le High pair from FRAME denim, similar to this style. They’re classy and comfortable, and the subtle distressed details add character. And my ass looks amazing in them. Found at: a consignment shop that clearly doesn’t know what they’re given when they get it.

  2. The White T-Shirt: THE staple. THE backbone, foundation, strong basic start of any respectable person’s wardrobe. Whether it’s Hanes or Helmut Lang, I hope you have one (I have six.) My favorite is a slouchy yet structured boatneck Zara tee. It’s structured enough to be That shirt, but casual enough to be that Other shirt. Found at: a Goodwill who wanted to bless me that day.

  3. The White Button-Up: the white t-shirt’s really cool, ambiguously rich wine aunt. The shirt you’ll inevitably need for a last-minute job interview or that meeting you forgot about. Something you can dress down with the brooding skinny jean, or dress up with a blazer and slacks. With pieces like this, there’s always some small leeway regarding style. Your staple button up could have a fun collar or an adult bib detail. Oh, and somehow mine is rag & bone. Found at: another Goodwill who didn’t know their brands and wanted to bless me.

  4. The LBD: this is a flex card; a free space in the capsule wardrobe bingo as this is one of the less neutral items on the list. But if you’re a wearer of dresses and/or an individual who would like to believe they’d theoretically please Cher Horowitz if she ever saw their closet, you need it. Extremely versatile, a little black dress can be taken from the cubicle to the club (do people still call it that?) I like to have two black dresses on deck: one for A/W and one for S/S. Dress for the weather you have, right? S/S dress found at: the Urban Outfitters sale rack. A/W dress is still waiting to be found.

  5. The Sweater: another staple with a bit more leeway than the others. The perfect staple sweater is black, white, or a muted neutral; but aside from color, the possibilities are endless. Your ideal staple sweater could be loose, fitted, chunky, lightly embellished, or completely plain. All options are valid. My staple sweater is a dark grey woolen blend with a subtle lace-up neck from Zara. Found at: a Goodwill outside of a very rich neighborhood.

  6. The Boot: The importance of a versatile boot is crucial. Personally, I go for a black or tan ankle boot with a medium heel. Mine are black faux leather and have a fun side cutout detail, because I love to have fun! (Side Note: Doc Martens do suffice.) Found at: gifted, but from Wet Seal.

  7. The Personality: priceless, and possibly more important than the aforementioned white t-shirt. Though there are some basic “rules” of a timeless wardrobe, the concept is next to pointless if your personality is hidden. Find your basics--at Goodwill or at Net-A-Porter--and wear them as only you can.

Cheers to Goodwill, high classic fashion, and being timeless!

                                                                                                                                                        - H

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